Mark Massey

We spoke with Mark about seasides, documentation and critique, the influence of social media, and stereotypes…

“Essex and particularly, the Thames estuary definitely used to be London’s dumping ground (literally), but a lot of this has stopped now and in the last few years I have also noticed a quite a cultural revival in the area. So some of that is probably a response to the death of the British seaside.”

Amanda Holdom

We spoke with Amanda about documenting life in Birmingham and her on-going project ‘Druids Heath’, an estate nestled in South Birmingham, subject to on-going social change from the repercussions of modern gentrification.

In Amanda’s words “The residents can be overly spoken for sometimes.

Having been raised on an estate myself, I can relate to a lot of the stereotypes and the scrutiny that come with living on one… I care for the people, and how they are represented.”

Andrew Johnston

We spoke with Andrew discussing all things Photography, Brexit, and Community related…

“I do try to cross over and photograph Republican areas. Places like the Falls Road, Divis, Short Strand and New Lodge. Saying that, there’s something about the way Loyalists express themselves that really fascinates me. They’re so staunch. Everything is in your face and I think that makes these districts interesting to photograph.”